First Lady Jean Toliver

Progressive Church of God in Christ

First Lady, Missionary Ermia Jean Toliver was born in Bivins, Texas. In 1956, she moved to California from Texas. She accepted Christ and was filled with the Holy Spirit at the Love Chapel COGIC in San Francisco, California under the ministry of Pastor T. L. Delaney. She began attending San Francisco City College when she met and married Superintendent Bennie L. Toliver. First Lady Toliver has been married to Superintendent Toliver for over 55 years. The have 5 children, 11 grand-children and 3 great-grandchildren.

Missionary Toliver has been a faithful servant of God for many years. She has been a member of Progressive Church Of God In Christ in Sacramento, California since 1973. This mighty woman of God has served in various positions within the church. She first became an administrative assistant in the Women’s Department, and later was appointed President of the Women’s Department of Progressive COGIC, where she has served as President for the past 30 years. She became the First Lady of the Progressive COGIC in April of 2005. She also previously served as first lady of Prayer Chapel COGIC; in 1966 Holiness COGIC, as well as served in such positions as Assistant District Missionary and Sunday School Teacher.

She is truly an example of her motto, “It is a joy to serve”. Missionary Toliver’s ministry continues to make a great impact on the Women’s Department of Progressive and also in the lives of women in her community. She has been the keynote speaker at numerous seminars and leadership conferences for various Women’s Ministries.

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