Ambassadors of Hope

The Ambassadors of Hope bring hope and encouragement through prayer and sharing the love of our Lord while visiting or telephoning those who are sick or confined in a hospital or at home. Our purpose is to let the members know that the Lord knows about their situation and that the Pastor loves them and is deeply concerned about their welfare.

Bereavement Ministry

The Progressive COGIC Bereavement Committee is a ministry dedicated to offering love and support to members dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Children's Church Ministry

The mission of the Children’s Church ministry is to teach school-age children the word of God with effective teaching strategies. The following teaching assistants may be used: vibrant/visual aids, technology, hands on activities and any other tool that is appropriate and useful. Our children’s ministry is committed to encourage children to begin a relationship with God, or cultivate a relationship that has already been initiated. Our greatest goal is to make sure children have a great foundation in the word of God.

Christian Women's Council (CWC

The Christian Women’s Council is to Provide spiritual and natural support of the church through instruction and training of women above the age of 40, both the “seasoned saint” and of those who are ” babes in Christ”; to promote love of God, love of mankind, love of the work of the Lord; to promote a spirit of oneness, to promote individual and collective spiritual stability, for greater effectiveness in women’s work, for the spiritual growth of each woman in particular, and for the natural and spiritual growth of the church in general.

Drama Ministry

This ministry presents programs for Easter and Christmas. We also assist with the Black History program. We use skits, speeches (poems), and song to celebrate and bring to life the meaning of the season. They are a time of reflection and celebration.

Drama is often assumed to be a ministry directed toward children or youth, and certainly dramatic ministry is very useful in these ages. But we like to include other age groups as well. We have fun, but we are mindful of the importance of what and why we are presenting. It is not just a performance, it is a ministry.

Evangelism Ministry

The mission of the Evangelism Ministry is twofold: (1) to inform the unsaved about the good news of Jesus Christ and invite them to trust Him as their Savior; (2) Empower the Body of Christ to fulfill the “Great Commission” as outlined in Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 1:6-8.

Couples Ministry

This Ministry exists for the sole purpose of strengthening marriages, with lasting love and respect for God and each other; providing mentoring and assisting couples in developing tools to work through challenges that occur in a marriage. Marriage is an institution established by God. The Word of God is the foundation of all teaching in this ministry.

Greeters Ministry

The Greeters are the first point of contact to anyone entering the church on Sunday morning. They are responsible to greet, welcome and provide information and direction to our guest.

Hospitality Ministry

This ministry exists to serve food to visiting guests of the Pastor and church as part of fellowship worship, special events and occasions.

J. E. Copeland Scholarship Ministry

The purpose of the J. E. Copeland Scholarship Ministry is to provide financial assistance to active members of Progressive Church of God in Christ who are graduating seniors entering college for the first time at any accredited Junior College, State College, University or Vocational/Trade School. In order to provide scholarships the committee puts on fundraisers. The committee is also responsible for education day and other events and functions that promote higher education. The committee meets monthly to bi-monthly from January to July. The committee may meet one or twice during the months of August to December.

Kidz Kingdom

Kidz Kingdom exists to provide a loving and nurturing environment to nursery age children while their parents enjoy worship. The staff is committed to the children’s spiritual development and enjoyment of worship services designed for nursery age children.

Male Chorus

The Male Chorus sings music that is steeped in the tradition of quartet and traditional gospel music. Embellished hymns and hymn arrangements are part of the core repertoire.

Media Ministry

Progressive Media Ministry exists to impart faith and advance Biblical discipleship through the production and use of modern communication tools and storytelling methods. Our hope is that the media we produce will spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to believers and non-believers in our community and worldwide.

Men of Unity

This Men’s Ministry purposes to equip and inspire men to become disciples for Christ, spiritual leaders in their families and servants in their communities.

Mission Department Ministry

The Mission’s Department exists to provide for those in the church and the community who need assistance in meeting their daily needs through weekly food give-away, annual clothing and holiday basket giveaways, and other tangible resources.

New Membership Welcoming Committee

The New Membership Welcoming Committee welcomes and assists the new member candidate with the completion of a contact information card when they decide to place their membership with the church. Working together with the Pastor and the New Membership President, the committee makes available a membership form that is filled out and signed by the new member upon completion of the New Membership Training Class. The committee also coordinates the presentation of the Certificates of Completion to the new members and organizes and hosts the New Membership Welcoming Committee Reception which is held biannually.

Nurses Unit Ministry

This ministry consists of volunteer nurses and purposes to provide medical assistance in the case of an emergency on the premises of the church.

Pastor's Aide Ministry

Every pastor’s aide member is responsible for understanding the ultimate goal is to be a blessing to the Shepherd that God has given us. This ministry is responsible for addressing the needs of our Pastors and supporting his vision for the church, in order that his time can be dedicated to teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ministering to the needs of God’s people.

Praise Dance Ministry

The Praise Dancers are more than a dance group. Praise Dance is a ministry that brings gospel lyrics and music to life through dance. When done in the right spirit praise dance can set the atmosphere so God can move by His spirit.

Praise and Worship Ministry

The team’s primary focus is to encourage purpose driven, spirit filled community worship. Musical selection is based on what drives the emotional and spiritual pulse of the people. Biblical education should be provided to the team in the areas of exhortation and praise and worship.

Print Ministry

This is a ministry of service, commitment and excellence. The materials produced reflect the Progressive COGIC ministry. We serve the church auxiliaries and ministries by assisting with the design and production of various print communications aimed to acquaint visitors with our church, keep members informed, promote and announce upcoming church events, and most importantly share the Word of God.

Prison and Jail Ministry

The primary purpose of the prison ministry first and foremost is to evangelize the world in obedience to the mandate given by our Lord found in Mathew 28:18-19. This ministry exists throughout the world to bring the Word of God to those who are incarcerated and do not have the liberality to attend a church at their own free will.

Progressive Adult Choir

The Progressive Adult Choir focuses on contemporary and traditional gospel, hymn arrangements, praise and worship songs and seasonal songs and anthems. This varied genre of music covers the diverse population of our congregation. This choir is also a culmination of all Progressive adult musical ensembles and is the principle choir for extended ministry.

Progressive Christian Training Institute

PCTI exists as a non-degree granting school to provide sound biblical teaching and training in fundamental Christian principles, equip believers with knowledge and wisdom for Spirit-filled living, Christian ministry and Christian leadership, and develop productive and maturing witnesses for Christ. The institute is for anyone who wishes to gain a basic understanding of the bible. Admission is open to both Progressive members and non-members who are in agreement with our Affirmation of Faith. All prospective students must accurately complete their applications before the deadline.

Sewing Circle

The sewing circle ministry serves a dual purpose: 1) to equip, instruct and inspire women of God to work diligently with the creative skills which with they have been blessed;. 2) to express the love and concern of God to those in need through the labor of our hands. Proverbs 31:13, 20.

Usher Ministry

The Ushers consists of men, women and youth dedicated to maintaining order in the house of the Lord. They are responsible for seating attendees and making sure they are comfortable. They help to ensure reverence in the Lord’s house is maintained.

Vacation Bible School

At Progressive Vacation Bible School is a week-long ministry designed to reach people of all ages (including adults), leading them to know and respond to Jesus Christ as led by the Holy Spirit. VBS is a fun-filled, spiritual adventure that provides concentrated Bible study and encourages real-life application. All aspects of VBS are appropriate for church and mission settings. Vacation Bible School can be one of the most dynamic outreach efforts in our church year. Vacation Bible School is not just about a week’s activities for children. It is - or should be - a powerful source for discovering un-churched families.

Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministries Department empowers, equips promotes and challenges the women of Progressive COGIC in their journey as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His Church and to bring women’s unique perspectives to the issues facing the church.

Young Women's Christian Council (YWCC)

The YWCC is an organization of young women (ages 18 – 40) married or single whose prime purpose is to dedicate themselves to greater Christian service. Women in this stage of life have many issues and the YWCC can reach out to them with compassion.

Youth Ministry

The bible instructs us to train up a child in the way he/she should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). The youth ministry of Progressive COGIC exists to create an environment that encourages young people and students to develop a health relationship with Jesus Christ and with other believers.

Youth and Praise Choir (ages 4-12 years old)

The Youth and Praise Choir focuses on the development of the young voice. Particular emphasis is placed on developing tonality, timbre, breath support, rhythm, choral decorum, and music and a religious ministry. This ensemble is the core building block for all the other musical ensembles.

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